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Bales - Sectional

Color: Light Brown
Be bold with a modern take on seating. This accent chair set has an armless design and carries a checkered upholstery neutral enough to fit in any style while elevating it at the same time. Thanks to its modular design, making the transformation from sofa to chaise is practically effortless.
Bales - Taupe - 2-Piece Modular Seating
78.0"W x 39.0"D x 28.0"H - 126.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 3-Piece Modular Seating
117.0"W x 17.52"D x 30.63"H - 189.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 4-Piece Modular Seating
156.0"W x 17.52"D x 30.63"H - 252.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 5-Piece Modular Seating
117.0"W x 78.0"D x 28.0"H - 315.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 6-Piece Modular Seating
234.0"W x 17.52"D x 30.63"H - 378.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 7-Piece Modular Seating
273.0"W x 17.52"D x 30.63"H - 441.0 lb
Bales - Taupe - 8-Piece Modular Seating
312.0"W x 17.52"D x 30.63"H - 504.0 lb
Bales - Sectional A3000244A8