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Denoron - Reclining Power Sofa, Loveseat

Color: Dark Brown
If highly contemporary looks and a heavenly feel sit well with you, rest your eyes on this reclining power sofa & loveseat. Decadently soft, the easy-care faux leather upholstery is enriched with jumbo contrast stitching and dramatic cut-and-sew lines for fashion-forward flair. Radius cut arm frame adds cool, curvaceous interest. At your fingertips: one-touch power control with a zero-draw USB plug-in that’s not only convenient but also energy efficient. When it comes to high style at a down-to-earth price, this power reclining sofa really brings it home.
Denoron - Chocolate - 2 Pc. - Reclining Power Sofa, Loveseat
421.0 lb
Denoron - Chocolate - 3 Pc. - Reclining Power Sofa, Loveseat, Rocker Recliner
550.0 lb
Denoron - Reclining Power Sofa, Loveseat 53505/87/74